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Music Therapy

Sound Therapy


Group Sound Journeys

   for mothers and their

babies as well as adults 

 Sound Exploration

Workshops for





Recorder group


Innerpulse offers a range of services to the community of Brighton & Hove as well as further into Sussex

Sensory Sound Journey for Infants and Caregivers starting in Brighton on February 20th. Book here... 

Brief explanation...

Music therapy is a psychological therapy, which uses both spontaneous or pre-created sounds and music to communicate either one to one or in a group. There are no educational goals as the work is therapeutic and does not involve teaching the client how to sing or play an instrument. Music has always been a powerful tool for expression playing an intrinsic part to our daily lives. It can touch our emotions deeply and allows for a freedom of communication without words.  ​ It usually takes place weekly at the same time each week over a set period of time which can be as short as 3 months or as long as several years depending on the needs of the client. It can be beneficial to all ages and especially where communication through words is challenging.  ​ For more detailed information please visit the Music Therapy page.

Brief explanation...

Sound Therapy works on the scientifically proven fact that everything in our world including our bodies are in a state of vibration creating  frequencies of sound. This work uses a range of vibrational instruments such as the gong, Himalayan bowls and ocean drum as well as the voice. In a one to one session the treatment is tailored specifically to the client to improve health and physical, psychological, emotional and spiritual wellbeing.  ​ A Group Sound Bath usually takes place with several people lying down on yoga matts assisting them to immerse in the sounds and enter into a deep state of relaxation. It can be a powerful meditative experience which can take the participant on a journey of release, healing and self discovery. ​ For more detailed information please visit the Sound Therapy page

Brief explanation...

We run workshops for children based around our wellbeing and it's relationship to sound and music. Activities include a Silent Listening Walk, Mindful Breathing Meditation, Active Listening Exercises, Group Jam as well as learning about the structure of sound and the science of Cymatics. ​ Workshops can be tailored to children of different ages groups to suit their needs. For more information please don't hesitate to get in touch. Inner Pulse also offers lessons on Saxophone and Clarinet as well as composition using music technology and beginners piano to both adults and children.

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