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Wellbeing and Sound Workshops

We run workshops for children based around our wellbeing and it's relationship to sound and music. From the beginning of time humans have been surrounded by the healing sounds of nature... waves, streams, waterfalls, dolphins, bird song etc. Sound can be used for physical, emotional,  psychic, mental and spiritual health. 


Our most recent workshop "Sound baths, noise and plant percussions workshop" debuted at Wakehurst Place, part of Kew in Sussex focuses on Sound and it's connection to the natural environment. Activities include a Silent Listening Walk, Mindful Breathing Meditation, Active Listening Exercises, Group Jam as well as learning about the structure of sound and the science of Cymatics. At the end the participants relax in a group Sound Bath. 

Workshops can be tailored to children of different ages groups to suit their needs. For more information please don't hesitate to get in touch.

Workshops for Children

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